About Us

Harbor Hope Center of Washington is a private, non-profit organization established to serve individuals and families experiencing homelessness, poverty, and hunger.


Our Provide-a-Home Program includes two categories of homes: Youth shelters for young men and women and host homes which can also accommodate minors.


The mentorship program focuses on helping young people experiencing homelessness develop key life skills to help them become self-sufficient and thrive. Each youth in the program receives the booklet, 90 Days to Success, and participates in weekly group meetings.


Your support of Harbor Hope Center of Washington positively impacts the lives of youth and families in Pierce and Kitsap Counties and ultimately the entire State of Washington.

Provide-a-home Program



We need your immediate support to pay for housing and program expenses, operate our weekly mentoring, parenting, transportation and other urgent services and more beds for homeless and at-risk students.