Harbor Hope Center has developed a Host Home Program to house, mentor and provide community to homeless students. The goal of this program is to house and help these students complete their education and provide skills needed to become self-sufficient; thus, ending their cycle of homelessness.

The Washington Legislature passed House Bill 2440 which defined host home programs in Washington this way:

Those that match young people under age 18 who are experiencing homelessness, housing instability, or family crisis, with a community member who is willing to provide housing and other support to the young person. The nonprofit organizations that oversee host home programs provide case management and other supportive services to the youth and the host home/host family.

A typical host home is a private home with a compassionate person or family who wants to make a difference in the life of a homeless student. An extensive intake procedure and background check is conducted on all Host Home providers to assure a safe environment for the student and the host(s).

Mentoring training is provided to Host Home providers to assist them in integrating students into the family. Harbor Hope Center closely follows State of Washington guidelines for Host Home Programs. Our intake process is modeled after Shared Housing Services’ process, in use since 1991.


Harbor Hope Center Host Home Program includes a Care House. The Care House is a transitional house where up to six male students are housed on a temporary basis until a suitable private Host Home can be found. A trained Resident Advisor provides leadership and hands-on-supervision of the students.

Harbor Hope Center is in the process of acquiring two additional transitional houses, one for homeless female students and one for young homeless families. The organization sees a need to hire up to four full-time employees to deliver the services proposed for its Host Home Program, including a Program Director and two more Resident Advisors. The Harbor Hope Center development team is soliciting government and private funding to acquire transitional houses and provide planned services for homeless students.


An extensive intake procedure and background check is conducted for each student placed in a Host Home. Harbor Hope Center works closely with Communities In Schools (a student advocacy agency that works with the Peninsula School District) to review the backgrounds of each student and match them with a Host Home.

Each student’s intake procedure is conducted by a licensed social worker assigned to manage that student’s case until graduation. As part of the intake procedure the social worker working with the student identifies three key areas of education or mentoring need. The social worker then sets goals with the student to receive special training, education or mentoring to strengthen the student’s abilities in these key areas of need.

For example, they are provided a trained volunteer mentor to address issues such as tutoring, healthcare needs, personal hygiene education, reconciliation with family counseling, how to apply for a job, psychological counseling, etc. The social worker follows up by phone with the student weekly and meets with the student and Host Home provider in person once a month to monitor progress and resolve any issues that may have come up.


Learn about our Host Home Program and how you can help provide a safe and stable environment for at-risk homeless youth to learn and thrive.



Our mentorship program focuses on helping students and parents develop key life skills allowing them to become self-sufficient and thrive after graduation.



To help homeless students maintain their daily commitments, our volunteers provide rides to school, appointments, and activities.



For many of these children, buying clothing is a financial burden. We provide clean, wearable clothing to make student success more likely.



Aiming to work collaboratively with other not-for-profit organizations, our food program is designed to fill social service gaps and end hunger in our community.



It is our mission to ensure that no neighbor is left with unmet needs. Your contribution to Harbor Hope Center helps to support our efforts in improving the lives of homeless youth in our community.