Students Experiencing Homelessness

Each year, an estimated 4.2 million youth and young adults experience homelessness in the United States. In Washington there are approximately 13,000 homeless youth and young adults. 1, 2 During the 2018-2019 U.S. school year nearly 40,000 public school students experienced homelessness. Thirty-three percent of Washington youth who have spent time in foster care experience homelessness by the time they turn 21.1, 2 Peninsula School District alone, which serves Gig Harbor, has identified 149 homeless middle and high school students.

1. Prevalence and Correlates of Youth Homelessness in the United States, Journal of Adolescent Health, 11/15/2017

2. USS Interagency Council on Homelessness

Harbor Hope Center of Washington provides a solution to break the cycle of homelessness. Our Provide-a-Home Program includes two categories of homes:

  1. Two Care Homes staffed 24/7 by resident advisors, one for young men, one for young women.
  2. Multiple Host Homes where volunteer parents provide food shelter and parenting.


Our Provide-a-Home Program provides a home, food, life skills, mentoring, drug counseling, career counseling, job assistance and transportation to help young people break the cycle of homelessness. We have provided 5,780 bed nights* and 17,430 meals* to homeless youth and, most importantly, education and training to help them become independent and self-sustaining.

Our Mentor Program provides adult mentors to homeless youth and youth at-risk to homelessness to help them complete their education, find a job and place to live.

Our Food Program also made over 3,000 deliveries of groceries to food insecure families throughout Pierce and Kitsap Counties.

Our Back-to-School Program has helped over 650 youth in need complete their education by providing new pairs of shoes, backpacks, and school supplies.

We need volunteers and financial support to continue this important work.

We need your immediate support to pay for housing and program expenses, operate our weekly mentoring, parenting, transportation and other urgent services and more beds for homeless and at-risk students.


Provide-a-Home Program

A comprehensive support program for Washington youth experiencing homelessness that provides a home, education, and training to equip them for independent living.



Aiming to work collaboratively with other not-for-profit organizations, our food program is designed to fill social service gaps and end hunger in our community.



Our mentorship program focuses on helping students and parents develop key life skills allowing them to become self-sufficient and thrive after graduation.



To help homeless students maintain their daily commitments, our volunteers provide rides to school, appointments, and activities.



For many of these children, buying clothing is a financial burden. We provide clean, wearable clothing to make student success more likely.



It is our vision to break the cycle of homelessness among Washington’s youth. Your contribution to Harbor Hope Center of Washington provides a hand up, not a handout, to at risk students and those experiencing homelessness.